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Residence Life is excited to welcome you to Washington College!


There are a lot of great opportunities when living on campus, from being part of a themed community, to becoming a Resident Assistant, and so much more!  As you prepare to join our great community, know that we are looking forward to you being part of the coming year on campus!

If you have not yet completed the various elements needed for housing, please do so as soon as possible so we can get you housed! Remember that your housing deposit (included in your $700 admissions deposit) must be paid before you can be housed.  Checks can be mailed to the Business Office or you can make the payment online.

Next, you will want to log on to your webadvisor account.  Once there, look for Residence Life Options. You will need to complete the:

Housing Contract (this includes your meal plan)

Housing Preference Form (to be filled out by the student)

Parent/Guardian Form (to be filled out by the parent)

Once all of these forms are completed, Residence Life will be able to give you a housing assignment. Housing assignments, and roommate information is already live and is updated regularly if there are any changes.

Having a problem logging into Webadvisor?  Contact the OIT helpdesk at 410-778-7777 or help_desk@washcoll.edu.