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We attempt to provide a relaxing and calm atmosphere for study and day-to-day living. Indeed, living on-campus is truly the “other-half” of your college education!

Students have the ability to make their living environments exceptional for living and learning by becoming active in the community, taking part in exceptional programs and activities, and by getting to know and respect your fellow students through defining and implementing a set of community standards that compliment the spirit of residential living and the mission of Washington College.

A Resident Assistant (RA) is assigned to a floor and/or Residence Hall. The RA helps to build a community of respect within the residence halls by developing individual relationships and group programming. The RAs are knowledgeable of the College’s mission, its rules/regulations and its Honor Code, and are instrumental in shaping and maintaining community standards.

Now is a good time to get familiar with the behavioral responsibilities of all Washington College students by reading the  Student Handbook . Exercising the privilege of residential living means being aware and accountable for the “rules of the road.”

As always our office is here to help. If you have any questions, please e-mail residential_life@washcoll.edu


Ursula Herz, Director of Residential Life and Associate Dean of Students

David Stuebing,  Assistant Director of Residential Life

Amy Sine, Assistant Director of Residential Life


2014-2015 RA Staff
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    Engaging internships and strong faculty relationships have inspired in Jasmine Bibbs ’13 a greater passion to build a career in helping others.