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Students may withdraw from one or more courses, with the exception of Global Perspectives (GRW) seminars (see below), at any time without penalty until the Friday following the advising day. A "W" will be noted on the student's transcript when the withdraw takes place after the drop/add period. Withdrawal from a course (as distinct from withdrawal from the College) shall take place only after the student has discussed the question with the advisor or, if the student prefers, with the Associate Provost. The student must present the signed withdrawal form to the Registrar no later than the Friday after the advising day. The Registrar keeps the withdrawal form on file.

Students may not withdraw from a GRW seminar without the approval of the Committee for Academic Standing and Advising.

Students who are approved to withdraw from a GRW seminar must enroll in an appropriate GRW seminar in the next possible semester. Withdrawals from GRW seminars follow all other rules for course withdrawals.

The option to withdraw from a course is limited to three courses during a student's Washington College career. This limit does not apply to course withdrawals that occur in any semester in which a student completes at least 16 credit hours.

In examination of a student's progress toward graduation, the Committee on Academic Standing and Advising will take into account the number of W's on the record.