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Fall 2015 Tuition & Fees


Full-Time (12 credits or more) per semester

Tuition:  $21,422
Student Fee:  $378
Student Health Fee $125
Tuition Refund Insurance $132
(Tuition refund insurance is optional, to opt out of coverage you may send an email to wac_trp@washcoll.edu. Please include the student’s name and ID#.)

Part-Time (fewer than 12 credits)

Tuition (per course):  $7,140
Student Fee: $126
Student Health Fee: $42
 (per course mandatory)

Audit fee

 $354 (per course)

Other Academic Fees:

Applied Music (per course):  $360
Student Teaching:  Actual Cost
Scuba:  $200
Advanced Scuba:  $175
Horseback Riding:  $525
Off Campus Study:  $890
Orientation - fall  $240
Graduation:  $300
Maintenance of Degree:  $310
7/1/07 Grandfathered students only
Tuition (per course): $1,199
Registration fee (per course): $100
Room:  $2,695
Apartment style:  $3,322
Caroline/Queen Anne’s:  $2,951
Harford/Cecil/Dorchester/Talbot:  $3,007
Chester/Sassafras:  $3,364
Kent Crossing:  $3,364
Housing Deposit (New Students):  $200
Ultimate Plan:  $3,306
19 Meals Unrestricted ($100 Dining $): $3,021
19 Meals (includes $75 Dining $):  $2,611
14 Meals Unrestricted ($100 Dining $):  $2,844
14 Meals:  $2,375
50 Block (Non-Resident students only):  $810
75 Block (Non-Resident students only):  $935
Late Payment Fee (undergraduate):  $200
Late Payment Fee (graduate):  $80
Security Deposit:  $285
Health Insurance - Full Year:  $1,499

Late Payment Fee

Washington College charges a late payment fee of $200 on any balance of $2,000 or more for undergraduate students and $80 on any balance of $800 or more for graduate students. A late fee is charged when a student:
  • has not paid the account in full or made payment arrangements by the officially posted due date for the current semester; or
  • has defaulted on a payment plan; or
  • has financial aid canceled, in any manner.

Statement of Account

Student account statements are available online through Web Advisor. The following payment options are available:

1. Mail a check payable to Washington College, 300 Washington Avenue, Chestertown, MD 21620. Your student Account number MUST be on your check.

2. Credit card payments may be made with MasterCard, American Express and Discover Card through  Payment OptionsThere is a 2.5% convenience fee for this service.

3. E-check payments can be made through the Payment Options. There is no fee for this service.

4. Monthly payments through the Official Payments payment plan. Payment for annual plans begin as follows, 12 pay-May 15, 11 pay-June 15, 10 pay-July 15 and 9 pay-August 15. Payment for a fall balance only plan begin as follows, 5 pay-July 15, 4 or 3 pay-August 15. If you have not already established a payment plan contract, contact Official Payments at 866-964-4020 prior to the start of classes. The student will be responsible for immediate payment of the semester balance due should the Official Payments payment plan be terminated. The late payment fee will also apply.

5. Prepaid tuition - Washington College offers a prepaid tuition plan which guarantees savings by protecting the student from future increases in the price of tuition. Tuition may be prepaid at the prevailing semester rate by multiplying the current semester rate by the number of semesters to be prepaid. The Prepaid Tuition Option covers tuition only; room, board, and other fees cannot be prepaid and will be invoiced according to the normal fall/spring billing cycle(s). For additional information or questions, please contact Jeani Narcum, Director- Office of Student Aid at 410 778 7214,

Students who have not paid in full, or who have not made satisfactory arrangements to pay in full using financial aid or the payment plan, by the due date for the semester, will not be considered as having met their financial obligation. Until this obligation has been met, students may not return to campus, attend classes, or obtain keys or a college ID card.

Student Debit Card System

WC student ID cards are able to have funds added so they can be used to make purchases at the Bookstore, retail food locations in Hodson Hall Commons and Sassafras Hall and in the Office of Information Technologies. Funds can be added through ManageMyID and are accepted for ID card purchases (cash and personal checks will still be accepted, and credit cards and debit cards in most locations).

Please refer to the Business Office website for FAQ’s on ManageMyID.


All students are required to have health insurance coverage. All NEW students will be enrolled in and billed for the College plan, which provides limited accident and sickness coverage, unless a waiver form is completed and returned to Health Services prior to July 15, 2015. All foreign students are required to purchase health insurance through Washington College. There are no exceptions to this policy.

Pending Financial Aid

Federal regulations require that Federal grants and loans be posted to student accounts no earlier than 10 days prior to the first day of class. Therefore, if you have been awarded a Federal grant or loan and have accepted the Federal grant or loan, the amount of the award will appear on your billing statement as “pending aid.” Your balance due is calculated as the difference between your charges and all aid awarded and accepted, including pending aid.

If you have been awarded and have accepted a Federal Direct Student Loan, the loan amount will appear as Pending Aid on your billing statement. Loan amounts have been deducted from your charges. Federal Direct Student Loan paperwork can be done electronically. Instructions can be found on the Financial Aid site.

Outside Private Scholarships will be credited to the students account upon receipt of the check from the outside organization.

To avoid any delays or problems, please be sure to complete all forms and submit all required paperwork to the Financial Aid Office by December 15. If you intend to use a Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan or an alternative student loan (i.e. Sallie Mae Smart Loan, Wells Fargo, Citi Assist Loan) towards the payment of your semester charges, you must have the loan pre-approved and all loan applications completed prior to December 15. If your loan is pre-approved prior to December 15, it will appear on your statement as Pending Aid. However, if the loan is not pre-approved prior to December 15, you must pay the Amount Due on your billing statement to complete the registration process. Loan applications will not be accepted or processed during August registration and check-in.

Credit Balance Refunds

To receive a refund of credit balances resulting from loan disbursements contact Debbie Bergen at 410-778-7266 or dbergen2@washcoll.edu.

Tuition Refund Policy

Tuition refunds or credits will be allowed according to the following schedule: Before classes begin: 100%; during the first two weeks of classes: 75%; during the third week of classes: 50%; during the fourth week of classes: 25%. After the fourth week of classes there will be no refund.

Fees are generally not refundable after the start date of the semester.

Residence hall spaces are assigned for the full semester; therefore no refunds or credits for rooms are given for a student withdrawing after classes begin.

Board refunds or credits will be determined on a pro-rated basis.


Tuition refund insurance coverage is available through A.W.G. Dewar, Inc. for withdraws due to injury or sickness. 

All students will be billed $132/semester for academic year 2015/2016 coverage unless the student is receiving tuition waiver. Requests to OPT OUT coverage can be submitted to  wac_trp@washcoll.edu, please be sure to include the student’s name and college ID# in the email.


General Questions

General questions about your bill can be answered by the Office of Student Accounts

515 Washington Avenue
Hours: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm Monday - Friday
Phone: 410-778-7266 extension 8

Specific Questions

Questions about a specific line item should be directed to the office responsible for the fee or charge, as listed here:

Housing Office, Student Affairs
Casey Academic Center, 2nd floor

Financial Aid Office
Casey Academic Center, 3rd floor

Parking and Vehicle Registration Office
Wicomico, Public Safety Office

Admissions Office
Casey Academic Center, 3rd floor

International Programs and Services Office
508 Washington Ave.

Health Services Office
Queen Anne Health Center

Office of the Registrar
Bunting, Ground Floor