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Spring into Garden Season

March 09, 2015
The Campus Garden Club has officially passed as an Interest Group and we would like YOU to join! If you are interested, please contact Alyx Cash, Brooke Burghardt or Shane Brill for more information!

Looking past the snow, this past week has yielded some very exciting news! We attended the Senate meeting on Tuesday, March 3, 2015, to plead our case to start a Campus Garden Interest Group. We had to go before the Organizations Committee and talk about why we wanted to become a group and what sets us aside from SEA (Student Environmental Alliance). We explained how having 2 campus garden interns does not allow for enough time and energy to be dedicated to the garden to make any substantial amounts of change. Our goal is to create a system so that we can provide as much food to the campus dining hall as possible, and to do this, we need a dedicated group of individuals.

After meeting with the Organizations Committee, they decided to motion to pass the Campus Garden Club as an Interest Group. Then we had to answer questions about the club, such as how it will benefit the campus as a whole, do we have enough people that are interested, and what our long term goals are. At the conclusion of the Senate meeting, the Campus Garden Club passed as an interest group. From here, we have the remainder of the semester to prove that we are strong enough and important enough to become a club. If this does not end up being the case, we have other avenues that we can take, but we will tackle that if that time comes. We are hoping for the best!

We have already sent out a campus wide survey with the help of our advisor, Shane Brill. This survey gave us feedback on what the campus is interested in and what they would like to see happen with the garden in the future. It was designed to give us an idea of where to start and draw ideas from. We also have a hefty list of students that are interested based on the survey! We are going to be working over Spring Break to design a Facebook page and possibly Facebook group for those interested in attending events on campus! We will post a link as soon as it is up and running! We may event host events that are directed toward certain majors, so keep a look out for one that may interest you!

The first Casey Time will be held on Thursday, April 9th at 1pm. We are only asking for a small group of people because we are just constructing garden boxes. There will be another Casey Time (date and time TBA) later on in the semester as well! We are very excited for what the garden has in store for us this coming spring and we hope that you will come out and enjoy it with us!

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