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Coming to a Close…

November 14, 2014
We discussed the grant application process and planted carrots for the dining hall in our newly finished cold frame boxes!

At the end of last week, we met with Valerie Stewart to talk about receiving grants for the Campus Garden. To start, we want to apply for a grant to purchase a vehicle for the garden’s use to transport equipment and compost waste. Valerie was very helpful in providing us with many grants that we have filtered through. We plan to meet within the next few weeks to talk about the application process for the individual grants. Our goal is to have these finished before Winter Break so we can obtain the grant by next semester.

As the fall semester is coming to a close, we are more focused on watching informational videos and reading books/articles rather than doing hands on activities in the garden. With this said, we did however plants carrots in the two new cold frame boxes and checked on the progress of the garlic behind the dining hall. The garlic is doing well and has already sprouted!

We have not been able to donate as much to the dining hall lately, but we contributed about a dozen radishes and one pumpkin on Wednesday. It isn’t much, but it still counts! We hope to have more information on the grant situation in the next few weeks!

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