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Movin’ up the Vine

October 01, 2014

Check out the improvements made to the garden with the help and care of many hands during Casey Time!

It is so exciting to see the garden develop into its potential.  This week we have removed the grape vines and replaced it with one of the cold frames built from last week.  In addition to this, we also cleaned out the shed. A great deal of planning was done for Casey Time that took place this past Sunday from 3pm-6pm.

Not only did we have people come to the campus garden but there are boxes located behind Hodson Dining hall that were full of weeds. These boxes are now ready to have the soil turned and garlic planted! We hope to have this finished in the next 2 weeks. Also as a part of Casey Time we painted the shed and created pathways throughout the garden and mulched the areas. Much weeding was done around the compost garden and within the garden itself.

We would like to thank everyone that came out to help and support the campus garden!

We are looking into starting a Gardening Club where students could come out in a group to help! A group of people is much more effective than two individuals, as we saw with Casey Time. If you are interested in this idea or just want to come out and help, let us know! We look forward to hopefully seeing you :)


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