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First Harvest

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    Look for the "Campus Grown" sign to find garden produce in the Dining Hall!
September 07, 2014
Food from the garden is now being served in Hodson! Come check it out!!

In this past week we harvested our first batch of food and supplied it to the dining hall. We harvested parsley, pumpkins, tomatoes and kale and delivered it to the dining Monday afternoon. The food was served that evening to students. The dining hall has created a special logo to be displayed when food from the garden is incorporated in the meal. 

We met with Tori Alpaugh and John Gould to choose a date and talk about plans for Casey Time! We chose a tentative date of September 28th in the afternoon.  During this event, we will create pathways in the garden, build eight additional garden boxes, and prepare the boxes behind the dining hall for planting garlic.

This evening we will be meeting with the Student Environmental Alliance so that we can reach out for more help and support with the garden! If you are reading this and are interested in helping, please feel free to contact us!

We will be doing some additional planting and hopefully have another harvest by next week! 


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