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Lettuce Turnip the Beet!

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August 31, 2014
Kicking off the campus garden and our goals for the upcoming year!!

Welcome and thank you for viewing the Washington College Campus Garden page! During the 2014-2015 school year we, Brooke Burghardt and Alyx Cash, will be the campus garden interns. We are very excited to share our ideas and future plans with you and the community!

Our goals for the year are to educate students and the community about the importance of gardening by providing a local source of food to our dining hall. We also plan to drastically increase community involvement and to spread the word about the garden to you and those around you.

Educating the students and community goes hand in hand with community involvement. We will take the time to teach others and inform them about our garden and how it can benefit the Washington College community. By doing this, we believe that the students and community will truly be able to enjoy the benefits that the garden produces.  With student and community involvement, more people will become enthusiastic about the success of the garden.

In order to fulfill our second goal of increasing community involvement, Katherine Thornton and Shane Brill, our internship advisors, have arranged a visitation to Gettysburg College and Dickinson College. We will be touring their garden facilities on Saturday September 13th so that we can learn and mimic a similar path to help achieve our long-term goals.

Looking ahead, we will be posting weekly stories on the Washington College website to inform the public of our progress and upcoming events!  Mark your calendar for Saturday September 20th, the Chestertown Waterfront Festival.  We will have a table with information about the garden and multiple ways you can become involved.  Possibly food from the garden will be given out as samples.

Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming food in the dining hall from the garden.  This week we will be providing parsley and kale! Emails will be sent out prior to the food being offered and in addition, signs will be posted advertising for the food being served.

Thank you for your interest in our page! Feel free to contact us at acash2@washcoll.edu and bburghardt2@washcoll.coll .


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