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One Big Happy

One of the great joys of having children is watching them grow and blossom into happy, purposeful, and responsible adults. Washington College provides an ideal environment for your student to mature and grow toward independence, but they secretly look forward to your visits to Chestertown! Fall Family Weekend, Downrigging Weekend, Washington’s Birthday Ball, and any home game day for your scholar-athlete are the perfect excuses to show your Shoreman pride. It’s never too soon to make your hotel reservations for graduation, or to plan that surprise weekend visit.

We have collected here the links to all the resources you might need to help your student navigate the college application process, the first-year experience, and beyond. From housing choices, to internships, from pre-orientation trips to planning for graduation, we know your students continue to look to you for guidance. Please be in touch if you have any questions or concerns along the way.