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When you write, you lay out a line of words. The line of words is a miner’s pick, a wood-carver’s gouge, a surgeon’s probe. You wield it, and it digs a path you follow. Soon you find yourself deep in new territory. Is it a dead end, or have you located the real subject? You will know tomorrow, or this time next year.
— Annie Dillard, The Writing Life

Writing at Washington College, you will be invited to pick and probe your way through your studies and experiences. Exploring a range of academic subjects and fields, across the curriculum and the campus, from first-year seminars through the senior capstone experience, you will become a writer in your learning. In a community and a world where meaningful writing matters, you will be encouraged to make your mark.

First-Year Seminars

Grasping Academic Essentials

Writing Intensive Courses

Writing in Depth and in the Disciplines

Senior Capstone Experience

Producing and Publishing Scholarship

Resources for Writers

Collaborate and Connect