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The Dance Program offered at Washington College is designed to train dancers, choreographers, and performers with particular attention to artistry, proper alignment, and biomechanics.

These are facets of dance that are viewed as mutually dependent and interactive. Fundamental to the training of the dancer is the building of the dancer’s body; so the program includes technical training in a variety of dance forms as well as Pilates and yoga and work in improvisation, dance composition, dance history, and repertory.

A broad dance curriculum emphasizes both physical and cognitive skills and includes classes for academic credit in:

  • modern dance
  • ballet
  • jazz
  • dance composition
  • dance history
  • tap dance
  • musical theatre dance
  • ballroom dance
  • movement for actors.

Students may also take Pilates, T’ai Chi Ch’uan, and yoga for additional strength and conditioning of the body.

Performances are an important part of the program, ranging in scope according to the student’s abilities, vision, and needs. Students in the Dance Club teach and choreograph each other in order to present the Spring Dance Concert while members of the Sho’Troupe perform at athletic and other on and off-campus events.  Students with stellar academic records in Dance are invited to join the Washington College chapter of Nu Delta Alpha, the National Honor Society for Dance.