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We do plays.

Washington College theatre students play many different characters and many different roles behind-the-scenes, while learning about the theatrical arts and about themselves. As a theatre major, you’ll learn the nuts and bolts of acting, directing, and production, explore the history of theatre, and learn to act and think imaginatively.

Whatever your interests, there is something for you in WAC Theatre. Majors can write a script, perform, direct, stage manage, or design a show to complete their senior capstone. Courses in history, acting, directing, design and dramaturgy prepare our students for internships in cities such as Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, D.C., graduate work, and careers in the theater and many other fields.

In Fall 2009, the renovated Gibson Center for the Arts became the centerpiece of the department, providing a state-of-the-art environment for performers, technicians, and audiences.

2015-2016 Performances

All performances begin at 7:30 p.m. unless otherwise noted. 

For ticket reservations, go to the eventbrite page. If you have any questions, send an email to theatre_tickets@washcoll.edu

Interested in becoming an Honorary Producer?

  • A Senior Theatre Thesis from Anna Baldwin
    October 2 & 3
  • by Arlene Hutton
    A Senior Directing Thesis from Andrew Huelskoetter
    October 9 & 10
  • by Peter Shaffer
    A Senior Directing Thesis from Charlotte Cugnini
    October 23 & 24
    Honorary Producers: John Beck ’05 and Carol Landis ’06
  • by Jesse Eisenberg
    A Senior Directing Thesis from Alex Foxwell 
    November 6 & 7
  • by Tennessee Williams
    A Senior Directing Thesis from Amanda Klute 
    November 13 & 14
  • by Patrick Barlow
    A Senior Directing Thesis from Sean Syme
    December 4 & 5
  • by Reilly Cox
    A Senior Playwriting Thesis
    December 9 & 10
  • by Paul Zindel
    A Senior Directing Thesis from Nicole Capobianco
    March 4 & 5
  • by Kenneth Lonergan
    A Senior Directing Thesis from Dominic LaGrotta
    March 25 & 26
  • by Mike Bartlett
    A Senior Directing Thesis from Kendall Davis
    April 1 & 2
  • by Annie Baker
    A Senior Directing Thesis from Nick Coviello
    April 8 & 9
  • by Patrick Hamilton
    A Senior Directing Thesis from Ashley Warfield
    April 22 & 23
  • by Drew Beardmore
    A Senior Theatre and Computer Science Video Game from Drew Beardmore
    Releasing April 2016.