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Some agencies recently used for Social Welfare internships:

Kent Family Center

A multipurpose program offering day care/ early childhood education, parenting classes, ESL, job skill building, recreation for adolescent girls, and other programs depending on community needs. Students have worked in all aspects of the program in hands on roles. They have also worked in more macro functions such as fund raising and community development.

Kent Youth, Inc.

A private, non-profit program offering residential group home services for adolescent boys and girls in separate facilities as well as non residential counseling for children who need intensive services while on court ordered probation or informal supervision with the Department of Juvenile Services. Students work with counselors as co-workers in all aspects of the program.

Whitsett Center

A sub acute residential program treating addicts and alcoholics for 28 day treatment. Students work on the unit, running groups, supervising activities, and sitting in on individual counseling.

Carter Facility

A secure detention center for male juveniles who need structure while awaiting hearings or placement. Students work with youth on the units under supervision and have opportunities to become involved in the education program, recreation, substance abuse groups, and other activities at the center.

Kent County Medical Adult Day Care

A health department program providing structured day programs with medical supervision for elderly persons with various medical problems who are still in the community, usually living at home or with loved ones. Students work with nurses and social workers in most aspects of the program.

Mid-Shore Council on Family Violence

A locally based victim service provider working with domestic violence victims. Students have opportunities to work on anti-domestic violence projects; develop skills for understanding the plight of domestic violence victims.

Community Mediation for the Upper Shore

Organization focuses on implementing mediation as an alternative dispute resolution process into local courts, school systems, and other related institutions. Students work on special projects designated by the agency director.