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Students have two options for the degree in biology—with lots of customization.

First, the department offers a B.S. in Biology in which students can choose electives from all areas giving them a general background, or they may select electives from one area, such as cell and molecular biology or ecology, thus specializing in that area. The second degree option is a B.S. in Biology with a Concentration in Biochemistry for students with a strong interest in studying biology at the chemical level.


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Graduation Checklists

  • Graduation Checklist for a BS in Biology: MS Word | PDF
  • Graduation Checklist for a BS in Biology with a Concentration in Biochemistry: MS Word | PDF

Minor in Biology

  • Requirements For The Biology Minor. The course requirements for the biology minor include General Biology (BIO 111,112) and five upper-level biology courses. By petition of the biology department, an appropriate upper-level course in chemistry, psychology, or environmental studies may be substituted for one of the required advanced biology courses. Students planning on using the biology minor as a basis for further studies in the biological sciences or for employment should seriously consider taking a year of General Chemistry (CHE 111, 112). All students should note that CHE 111, 112 is a prerequisite for some upper-level biology courses.
  • Students from a wide variety of majors have received minors in Biology, including: Environmental Studies, Chemistry, Psychology, Spanish, Sociology, Humanities, Business and Drama