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You’ll know it the moment you step onto campus; this is a place where you can easily feel at home.

The vibe is friendly. Plus, there’s something a little quirky about the people you’ll encounter here. There’s the ethno-musicologist who performs sacred batá drumming. And the biology professor with a taxidermy collection in his office. And the English professor who organizes medieval jousting tournaments on the campus lawn.

What happens after class?

You will be incredibly busy! Our students spend their leisure time working out, playing music, planting gardens, and rallying around a cause. About 25 percent of our student body join a fraternity or sorority, and 30 percent participate in varsity sports. Plus, the Offices of Student Development and Student Activities organize a host of events, student life workshops, leadership training, and community service events.

The student who makes the most of the undergraduate experience embraces every opportunity to learn, to explore, and to demonstrate the power of one person to make a difference.

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